About the Performing Group

The Society sponsors a play-out group of volunteer artists who enjoy playing and singing an eclectic blend of folk music and who raises funds for the Society through their performances. The group has performed for nearly 20 years for many different types of events throughout the Lehigh Valley of Pa. and surrounding areas and has changed its size and form many times over the years. The group plays throughout the calendar year for public, private and institutional functions to raise funds for the Society. The music is programmed to fit the audience and there is often a word or two about the history, origin and evolution of the song selections. The group is especially fond of playing for senior citizens, family and church events, children, historical events and festivals.


The group's performances consist of a mixture of folk songs specifically tailored to the scheduled event chosen from a broad repertoire of folk music genres including old time 19th and early 20th Century mountain music, folk songs of the British Isles, bluegrass, Classic country, Tin Pan Alley, children's songs, Woody Guthrie, folk revival music, contemporary folk, original Carter Family, old time gospel, Christmas season, and some original music by LVFMS songwriters. Depending on the event, the group on occasion crosses over into some of the oldies of the 50s ad 60s.


Most events require some sound reinforcement to enhance the balance of the band and to provide clarity to vocal harmonies to ensure that everyone in the room can hear. The Society provides a high-quality Bose sound system to the band for any venue where sound reinforcement is necessary.


The group works especially hard to develop the vocal sound. Each member of the band sings and many of our songs are performed with 3-part vocal harmony. The group is typically anchored by an original blend of instruments: 6-string guitar, 12-string guitar, open-back 5-string banjo, electric bass guitar and mandolin. Our performing group artists play a variety of instruments common to different forms of American folk music. You will often see us incorporating Appalachian lap dulcimer, autoharp, tenor and baritone ukulele, Dobro, long-neck 5-string banjo, harmonica, djembe, tambourine, castanets, and other forms of percussion into our performances.

"HATS On and Off"

Our bass player, Len, has a large collection of hats, one for just about every song we play. He is even known to adorn a blonde wig and appear as Charley's wife,Gwendelyn,on the M.T.A.

Performing Group Concerts

The group is available for performances in the Lehigh Valley on week day afternoons and evenings and throughout the weekend, year round. We typically book 1-hr or 2-hr shows. The group is willing to travel outside of the Lehigh Valley providing special arrangements are made by the show sponsors to cover travel costs. Click here to see the 2016 Concert Schedule of confirmed bookings.

Contact Us for Bookings

If you would like to book the performing group for your special event, party or festival, please contact us:

Bob Miller (Band Coordinator)
Phone: 610-799-3019
Mobile: 484-553-0674
E-mail: millsy@ptd.net

Band Members

The performing group currently has 5 members, pictured below, along with their contribution to the band in the drop down box. Click picture or Bio to see more. All reside in the Allentown area of the Lehigh Valley.

Len's Bio

Bob's Bio