Lehigh Valley Community Public Radio

WDIY is dedicated to furthering the interest and appreciation of folk music through radio broadcasts. WDIY radio sponsors the following daily folk music programs:

Day Time Program Host
Monday 7-9 pm Folk Classics Steve Aranson
Tuesday 7-9 pm Live from Godfrey Daniels Dina Hall and Dave Fry
Wednesday 7-9 pm In the Tradition Tom Druckenmiller
Thursday 7-9 pm Celtic Faire Rick Weaver
Friday 7-9 pm Unlimited Possibilities Rubie Green, Pat DeWolfe, Maxx Foxx and Joe Cassano
Sunday 10-11 am Sing Out Tom Druckenmiller
Sunday 11 am -1 pm Sunday Morning Folk Pat DeWolfe and Dave Fry

   Sing Out Magazine is packed with articles, news, reviews, and analysis of a broad range of folk music styles, traditional and contemporary, plus lead sheets (melody, chords and lyrics) and CD samplers for a wide array of songs. There is simply no other publication that comes with closer ties to the spirit of community, or with as rich and deep a history, connection and understanding of what makes folk music.