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About the Album

Home Beyond the Sky, released in 2003, is a 2-CD treasury of 28 songs of faith representing old-time Gospel hymns, gospel folk, gospel bluegrass and contemporary gospel songs recorded by the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society. Each album features an original song composed by songwriter Jerry Gallagher. The Society performers featured on this album (standing from left to right) are Scott Atkinson, Edie Englert, Bob Miller, Kristin Benjamin, Deanne Saab, Carol Lighthiser, Jerry Gallagher, Len Christman and Karen Dunstan. The old country church pictured on the album is the Hosensack Evangelical Church located in Hosensack, Pa. The album also features Ms. Kathy O'Donnell's Junior Choir from the New Life Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Tripoli, Pa.who recorded "He's Got the Whole World" with the Society members.

Gospel comes from Greek meaning “good news” - news of Jesus Christ and his teachings, and news of salvation and life everlasting. Thus, the common thread in all of the music is obedience to God and avoidance of sin to obtain the reward of Heaven’s kingdom, our "Home Beyond the Sky". Song after song on both albums express the Christian tenet that life and suffering on earth are just transitory and insignificant next to the glory that awaits the believer in the eternal home. What a wonderful thing to sing about!

The album features exceptional vocal harmony accompanied by a wide variety of acoustic folk instruments: 6 and 12-string guitar, slide guitar, 5-string and tenor banjo, octave mandolin, mandolin, lap and hammered dulcimer, bass guitar, blues harmonica, tenor recorder, and a variety of percussion instruments.

As you listen to these albums and sing along with us, we hope our recordings help you to find peace and religious inspiration. Members of the Society are especially proud to present this work to the community. In the words of a famous folk singer, Bob Dylan: “Those old songs are my lexicon and my prayer book. All my beliefs come out of those old songs”.

Artist Credits

Scott Atkinson, Bethlehem Pa.(now lives in Ohio)
-- slide guitar, rhythm guitar, blues harp, vocals
Edie (Kuhns) Englert, Allentown Pa.
-- rhythm guitar and vocals Bob Miller, Ruchsville Pa.
-- lead guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, hammered dulcimer, harmonica, octave mandolin, mandolin and vocals
Kristin Benjamin, Allentown Pa.(deceased)
-- autoharp, tenor recorder, ukelele, shakers, popcorn drum and vocals
Deanne Saab, Lower Macungie Pa.
-- djembe, doumbek, shakers, tambourine, pandero, chimes, bells and vocals
Carol Lighthiser, Breingigsville, Pa. (now lives in Sunbury)
-- rhythm guitar and vocals
Jerry Gallagher, Allentown Pa.
-- rhythm guitar, 5-string banjo and vocals
Len Christman, Allentown, Pa.
-- bass, tambourine and vocals
Karen Dunstan, Allentown, Pa.
-- lap dulcimer, mandolin, rhythm guitar, spoons, tambourine and vocals
Junior Choir of New Life Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Tripoli, Pa.
-- singers Beverly, Samantha, Chelsea, Cory, Nick, Kelly R, Garrett, Vince, Daniel, Alyse, Stevie, Kelly E and Josh

Production Credits

Musical Arrangements: LVFMS members
Recording Consultants: John Dewhurst, Frog Song Productions; Clark Ferguson, Bearswamp Studio; Eric Hanson, Studio Gem
Photography: Gilette Photography, Ltd., Emmaus Pa.
Graphics: Rittenhouse Graphics, Macungie Pa.
Digital Recording and Mastering: Bob Miller, Willow Street Music Studio, Ruchsville Pa.
CD Reproduction: Oasis