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About the Album

Garlic and Angels is the newest album (released in November 2007) produced by Willow Street Music Studio for the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society. The performing artists pictured above are from top left to right -- Bob Miller, Karen Dunstan and Jerry Gallagher, and from bottom left to right -- Kristin Benjamin, Len Christman and Jack Vass. The album contains 17 original songs composed and arranged by Society members and the music reflects the unique and varied folk and country music styles of these gifted artists. There are three "garlic songs", composed for the Stroudsburg Garlic Festival in 2000 and various songs about "angels" who have touched the individual lives of the composers; hence, the name "Garlic and Angels".

The album features unique melodies and excellent vocal harmony and all instrumental accompaniment is performed by the Society performing group with the exception of several tracks of percussive and lead guitar and flute by Society guests, John Wesley Dickson and Ken Levin. Except for electric bass guitar, all instruments are acoustic and recorded live by microphone in the studio. The instrumentation is diverse and features both acoustic 6 and 12-string Martin guitars, (all Martins), a Gibson mandolin, a Bart Reiter open back 5-string banjo, a Beard Dobro, an original Weissenborn Hawaiian slide guitar, a Hohner blues harp, a Hofner electric bass and concert and tenor flutes.

Artist Credits

Bob Miller, Ruchsville Pa.
-- rhythm and lead guitar, 12-string, 5-string banjo, Dobro, Weissenborn guitar, harmonica and vocals
Karen Dunstan, Allentown, Pa.
-- rhythm guitar, mandolin, whistle and vocals
Jerry Gallagher, Allentown Pa.
-- 6 and 12-string rhythm guitar and vocals
Kristin Benjamin, Allentown Pa.(deceased)
-- rhythm guitar, shakers and vocals
Len Christman, Allentown, Pa.
-- bass, percussion and vocals
Jack Vass, Allentown Pa.
-- 12-string rhythm and lead guitar and vocals
Ken Levin, Allentown Pa.
-- concert and alto flute
John Wesley Dickson, Allentown Pa.
-- percussve and lead guitar

Production Credits

Musical Scores and Arrangements: LVFMS members
Sound Effects: Sea gulls and the fog horn reproduced courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Graphics: Bob Miller, Willow Street Music Studio, Ruchsville Pa.
Photography: Bob Miller, Willow Street Music Studio, Ruchsville Pa.
Digital Recording and Mastering: Bob Miller, Willow Street Music Studio, Ruchsville Pa.
CD Reproduction: Oasis