Len Christman




Len has been with the band for nearly 20 years.
He plays bass guitar for the band with his self-taught unique style and sings.
He is an entertaining performer with his “many hats” and always adds a touch of humor to our shows.
Len is an amazing songwriter and often performs his originals.

LEN CHRISTMAN MUSIC BIO - Len has been a performer all of his 78+ years, both on the field and with musical groups. He began his musical career as a clarinet solist in Rocknie Hall at age of 8 and sung in the Boys Choir at Sacred Heart Church for his entire grade school years. During his high school years, Len performed at baseball games, the School Chorus, the Glee Club, Marching band and many other musical venues.

Following school, Len sang in minstrel shows in both chorus and oilo solos. He sang solos with a local dance band for many years performing at various clubs and at Skytop Lodge. He did an avant-guard "A Christmas Carol" with Touchtone Theatre and performed with the cast of Steel Bound with the Steel Choir. Len also wrote and performed comedy routines at Bethlehem Steel retirement parties.

Len is an experienced songwriter with many copyrighted songs. He published an original Christmas song entitled "Christmas Time is Near", and he wrote songs for the Steel Bound Steel Choir) show in the nineties and performed them, including his most noted achievement, "Names", which parodies his fellow worker's nicknames while he was a steel worker at Bethlehem Steel. Len's song "Love That Garlic", which he wrote for the 2000 Stroudsburg Garlic Festival, is the feature song on the LVFMS's Garlic and Angels CD.

Len joined the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society in 2002 to play bass guitar and perform vocal leads and harmonies. Len enjoys a bit of humorous shtick on stage and frequently entertains our audiences with his jokes and a collection of different hats (and even a ladies bonnet and wig) which he changes for nearly every song we play.