Jerry Gallagher



Jerry has been with the band for over 14 years.
He is a proficient singer of revival folk music, an excellent songwriter
and features a strong rhythm guitar with occasional harmonica.

MUSIC BIO OF JERRY GALLAGHER - Jerry played with the band off and on since 2000, and 2015 he returned to the band as one of our featured artists. joined the band. Jerry's powerful unique melodic voice has lit up our stage many times when he performs the Kington Trio songs, Woody Guthrie and his own original music. Jerry is a solid rhythm guitarist for the band and sometimes plays banjo, Dobro, harmonica and even fiddle. No one can forget how Jerry often stumbles into our rehearsals with his multiple bags of gear! Jerry is a wonderful songwriter, and seems to have song after song which he has shared with the Society. His two songs, I Saw the Lighthouse, and Jesus Came to Bethlehem, were the feature songs on the gospel CD, Home Beyond the Sky. He contributed two more of his songs, Smilin Jack and Sailin' on a Ship, to the Garlic and Angels CD.