Bob Stein


Bob, the most recent addition to the band, manages the group's bookings.
He plays rhythm guitar and many percussion instruments.
His strong bass voice is an asset to our vocal harmonies.

MUSIC BIO OF BOB STEIN - Bob's interest in music began as a drummer. He began working at 13 and by the time he was 14 he saved enough money to buy a 3 piece drum set and begin taking drumming lessons. When he was 15 he started a rock group playing drums with a couple of high school buddies. True to the joke phrase that "drummers hang around with musicians", Bob began to learn some basic chords on guitar from fellow band members and soon bought his first acoustic guitar. When everyone went off to college Bob joined another rock group and continued to play drums until getting drafted into the Army.

After returning home from active duty and getting married, Bob rarely played and only at home for his own pleasure for many years until he was coaxed into playing at his local church and for the kids at vacation bible school. Bob took his first formal guitar lessons shortly before turning 50 from Roger Latzgo in the Lehigh Valley and began playing acoustic guitar at several churches in the Allentown area on the weekends. Shortly thereafter he moved to Chambersburg, Pa. where he took lessons from Candice Mowbray and performed briefly in the Western Maryland Guitar Orchestra.

Upon returning to the Lehigh Valley in 2017, Bob auditioned for the performing band of the Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society and has been performing with them ever since, playing 6- and 12-string guitar and various forms of percussion.